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About Us

About Us

In 1998, The Newport News Virginia Pepsi Bottling Plant asked us build them a 'Plant Tracking System' Access database.

It allowed Pepsi Bottling Plants to record what was produced vs what was desired to be produced and report downtime minutes.

These minutes were aggregated and produced a series of reports to help manage the plant, the shifts, the production lines. Fast forward to today and we've modified the application to fit a new need: OEE. This industrial engineering driven database application will meet all of your overall equipment effectiveness needs.

We would love an opportunity to share this application with you and help you track, manage, and improve you Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Please give us a call at 804 928 4111.



Our software tracks, manages and improves your Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Our Software is a powerfull tool to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Our software includes numerous features that will help assist you in viewing your data at a glance and in chart formats, suitable for presentation and analysis. Moreover, you can print and post these charts throughout your plant keeping everyone abreast of performance.

Our Software can also generate your reports depending on the criteria you prefer. If you want to slice and dice your data as you see fit and need. So, all criterion is available to you before running your reports.

"Simple, Intuitive Data Entry" eases your data entry process on your clerks to minimize mistakes.

You can DOWNLOAD our Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software from Here:

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